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History, Part 4

In March 1999, Keizer Heritage Foundation organized a major capital fund drive. This drive involved much of the town's top leadership and targeted $250,000 for completion of the Community Center by December 1999. This aggressive campaign was successful and reached its goal in mid-June (less than 90 days).

Phair Construction was the winning contract bidder and completed the building’s restoration by mid-November.

The first tenants started moving in immediately and the Keizer Heritage Community Center was open for business on December 1, 1999.

The Keizer Heritage Community Center currently houses Keizer Heritage Museum, Keizer Art Association's Enid Joy Mount Gallery and classroom and Keizer Community Library (formerly Reading Connection), a non-profit library for adults and children.

In addition, Young Life has made the Community Center its permanent home for its Monday evening meetings.

Keizer became a city only in 1982 and it has become an accomplished city in a short time.

With a present (2009) population of 36,220+, its growth rate outpaces the nearby capitol, Salem (150,000+).

The city's success is apparent through such projects as our nationally known Little League. Keizer is a city of volunteers and, more importantly, Keizer is a city of people who truly care about the quality of life.

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